3M MDI Users


Dear Doctor,
As you may already know, 3M will soon be discontinuing production and sale of their MDI fixture. I wanted to inform you that I will continue to support you on the MDI as I have been for over a decade. Additionally, I am excited to announce that I’ve been working very closely with Sterngold and Apex Dental Solutions in an effort to continue the solid educational & support system for dentists using small diameter & traditional implants that you have been accustomed to from me. This relationship will ensure that dentists will have a smooth transition to the Sterngold ‘MOR’ small diameter implant. I have found the MOR to be an excellent product and have made a seamless transition in my practice. Please feel free to contact me through Apex Dental Solutions at (888) 258-6085. I look forward to hearing from each of you.

– Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS, FICOI